Plenary Talks

Plenary talks were given by the following speakers and were divided into eight thematic sessions. Each session comprised a keynote talk (25') and several shorter talks (15') plus 5' for questions.
'SOLAS and the future ocean' session was divided into 3 short talks followed by 30 minutes for panel discussion.
'Emerging Issues' session was divided into 4 short talks.

Talk Title  Speaker
Long-lived greenhouse gases air-sea exchange and impact Dorothee Bakker (short talk)
Rising atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidification Scott Doney (short talk)
Submicron marine organic aerosols: primary vs. secondary Cristina Facchini  (keynote)
Correlations between asian dust events and primary production in northern pacific ocean Huiwang Gao (short talk)
Iron fertilization by volcanic ash: Implications for ocean carbon uptake Roberta Hamme (Short talk)
Effects of surfactants on N2O emissions from biologically productive regions Annette Kock (short talk)
On the deep relationship between clouds and maritime aerosol Ilan Koren (short talk)
Effects of atmospheric nutrient deposition on the surface ocean’s biology: community structure, metabolic rates, and biogeochemical fluxes Emilio Marañón (keynote)
Sorting out possible scenarios about the future of oxygen minimum zone systems Andreas Oschlies (keynote)
Physical drivers in the air-sea exchange of trace gases Mingxi Yang (short talk)
Which factors determine spring biological bloom in the China sea? Xiaohong Yao (short talk)

- last update November 2012 -