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Summer School 2009

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These presentations and handouts are intended for participants at the SOLAS Summer School only. SOLAS is not responsible for the content of the talks, but we have tried to ensure that all data and figures are properly credited. These presentations are provided for the information of the user only. Reproduction in printed form is not permitted due to copyright restrictions. SOLAS is not responsible for any misuse of these presentations. For contact details of the individuals, please contact the IPO.

General Talks
Doug Wallace Introduction to SOLAS pdf (11.2Mb)
Laurent Bopp Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change pdf (3.9Mb)
Laurent Bopp The Global Carbon Cycle pdf (3.6Mb)
Isabelle Ansorge Climate Change and Variability pdf (9.6Mb)
Eric Saltzman Introduction to Marine Aerosols pdf (5.1Mb)
Uli Platt Introduction to Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry pdf (1.4Mb)
Air-Sea Exchange
Phil Nightingale Air-water Gas Exchange I pdf (3.6Mb)
Phil Nightingale Air-water Gas Exchange II pdf (12.2Mb)
Isabelle Ansorge Introduction to Ocean Physics pdf (8.2Mb)
Ocean Biogeochemistry
Phil Boyd Macronutrients in the Ocean pdf (15Mb)
Phil Boyd The Iron Cycle pdf (8.9Mb)
Osvaldo Ulloa Marine Ecology I: Phytoplankton and Primary Production pdf (1.8Mb)
Osvaldo Ulloa Marine Ecology II: Bacterioplankton, Respiration and Other Microbial Processes pdf (1.5Mb)
Atmospheric Chemistry
Peter Liss Trace Gases in Ocean and Atmosphere pdf (5.7Mb)
Ulrich Platt Atmospheric Gas Phase Reactions pdf (1.9Mb)
Andy Ridgwell Atmospheric Dust Sources pdf (56 Mb)
Coastal Ocean
Minhan Dai Processes in the Coastal Zone: Biogeochemistry and Hydrology I pdf (5.1Mb)
Minhan Dai Processes in the Coastal Zone: Biogeochemistry and Hydrology II pdf (15.6Mb)
Tools and Strategies
Mike Behrenfeld Global Inquiry Through Remote Sensing pdf (14.2Mb)
Andy Ridgwell Biogeochemical Changes over Long-Time Scales pdf (40.6Mb)
Corinne le Quere Biogeochemical Modelling pdf (5Mb)
Eric Saltzman & Phil Boyd Atmospheric and Oceanic Time Series Observations

pdf (1.2Mb)
pdf (5.2Mb)

Special Sessions
Doug Wallace Scientific Ethics pdf (0.4Mb)
Corinne Le Quéré The IPCC process pdf (0.7Mb)
Thomas Scheider Key Feedbacks in the Climate System pdf (1.9Mb)
Phil Boyd Scientists and the Press pdf (4.6Mb)
Thomas Schneider Reducing uncertainty in climate sensitivity pdf (2.3Mb)



Tamoghna Acharyya Karina Giesbrecht * Rodolphe Paris
Monique Albert Johanna Gloel *** Valéria Prando
Yael Amitai Vineet Goswami *** John Prytherch **
Matthew Ashfold ÖZGÜR Gürses Kerstin Richter **
Abdelaziz Babqiqi Aiqin Han Sergio Ruiz Halpern 
Katherine Baer Claudine Hauri Amit Sarkar
Rachael Beale Paul Hezel Tristan Sasse
Nsikak Benson ***** ZiYuan Hu * Fatih Sert
Randelle Bundy Maria Huete Ortega Nayrah Shaltout
Rose Campbell Yoko Iwamoto Marvin Shaw
Daniel Carlson Yilun Jiang Zongbo Shi ***
Marie Cheize *** Zongpei Jiang Anna Silyakova
Sophie Clayton Annette Kock Kay Steinkamp
Anna Dammschäuser Brett Kuyper Elizabeth Sweet **
Roberto Antonio De Almeida Amandine Lapoussiere Scarlett Trimborn ***
Carolina Dufour Siv Lauvset Georgeta-Jeni Vasilescu
Joseph Erbland *** Jen Nie Lee Shanlin Wang
Olivier Eugster Robert  Letscher David Ivor Weller
Wiley Evans Deirdre Lockwood Philip Wilson *
Amanda Fay Carolin  Löscher *** Gong Xiang
Susana Flecha Saura Anuradha Modi/Sikhakoli Mingxi Yang
Bàrbara Franco Andrew Mogg Merry Zacharias *
Helene Frigstad Jessie Motard-Cote Cathleen Zindler
Cristóbal Galbán Philip Orton ***  

*Presentation winner voted for by the students
**Presentation winner voted for by the lecturers
***Poster winner voted for by the lecturers
***** Presentation Best Improvement winner


Veronique Garcon Laboratoire d'Etudes en Geophysique et Océanographie Spatiales, Toulouse, France
Emily Breviere SOLAS International Project Office
Georgia Bayliss-Brown SOLAS International Project Office
Hannah Mossman SOLAS International Project Office

arrowTechnicians and Support

Francoise Henry Lionel Fichen Lionel Scoranec
Joelle Buxmann Jens Tschritter  

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