Open Science Conferences

SOLAS has organised a series of highly successful Open Science Conferences: Damp, Germany, 2000; Halifax, Canada, 2004; Xiamen, China, 2007; Barcelona, Spain, 2009; Cle Elum, USA, 2012; Kiel, Germany, 2015; Sapporo, Japan, 2019; and hybrid in Cape Town, South Africa, 2022.

Open Science Conference 2019

The SOLAS Open Science Conference 2019 was held in Sapporo, Japan at the Hokkaido University from 21-25 April 2019.

Organised and run by a committee of 17 nationalities, the conference welcomed 190 attendees from 30 countries to share their research and knowledge of SOLAS science.

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During plenary talks, discussion sessions, and poster presentations, participants were able to exchange about current projects and new ideas, as well as present their own findings.

Prior to the 2019 Open Science Conference, a day-long geoengineering workshop took place which discussed how the air-sea research community can help inform the decision-making process in climate intervention. Other highlights of the conference include an Early Career Scientists Day during which about 25 doctoral students and postdocs networked and presented their research in three-minute talks.

The SOLAS IPO would like to thank all participants and sponsors for making the conference a success. Again, congratulations to the winners of the student poster competition, George Manville and Lumi Kinjo, and the winners of the Early Career Scientist Day talk competition Pat Wongpan, Stephanie Schneider, and Hannah Horowitz.

The outcomes and reports of the sessions as well as the research of the winners of the student poster and the Early Career Day awards is highlighed in the SOLAS Event Report.

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Download the Conference Handbook 2019

More details about the programme, keynote speakers, organisation, and sociat events is available on the official website:


Group Picture at the SOLAS Open Science Conference 2019, Sapporo, Japan © Aiko Murayama

Open Science Conference 2015


The SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015 was held in Kiel, Germany 7 - 11 September 2015 at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel bringing together over 260 scientists from 35 countries.

During plenary talks, discussion sessions and poster presentations participants were able to learn and exchange about cutting edge research in the field and present their own findings.

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On Monday 7th September special site events took place as part of the SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015. An all-day meeting of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) and the Surface Ocean pCO2 Mapping Intercomparison (SOCOM) community was attended by around 50 scientist with the highlight of launching the SOCAT version 3. For her dedicated work with SOCAT, Dorothee Bakker received a reward during the conference banquet.

The German contribution to SOLAS, the Surface Ocean Processes in the Anthropocene (SOPRAN) project also had its final meeting and published a brochure containing important scientific highlights of the last 9 years.

To strengthen the SOLAS commitment towards capacity building the workshop 'The ABC of presenting: Audience-friendly, Brief and Clear' for early career scientist was organised. This workshop was held over two days and helped the early career scientist to further develop their presentations skills.

On the last day of the conference a small 'Nordic SOLAS' meeting took place to introduce the visions of Swedish SOLAS and discuss an expansion of the network to include scientists from all Nordic countries.

We also congratulate the winners of the student poster competition Panassa Essowe, Leonie Esters, Margaux Gourdal, Sinnika Lennartz, Mingshuang Sun, Precious Mongwe, Camille Richon, Tianfeng Guo, and Alex Zavarsky.

Download the Conference Handbook 2015

Discussion session reports and minutes of side events


Open Science Conference 2012


The SOLAS Open Science Conference 2012 took place in Cle Elum, Washington State, USA from 7 to 10 May 2012.

The conference was hosted by the local organising committee comprising of David Kieber (USA), Lisa Miller (Canada) and Trish Quinn (USA) and was attended by over 200 people from 28 countries, including 51 students.

More about OSC 2012
The four-day conference encompassed a spectrum of modes of communication, including plenary talks from experts, planning and synthesis sessions, and poster sessions from a large number of scientists, all wanting to share and explore the work of the SOLAS research community.
Not only did the conference allow subject specialists to give lectures to the attendees but it created a location for current projects and ideas to be put forward in the discussions
sessions; the outcomes of some of these sessions are presented in this issue of SOLAS news.
The conference also offered these benefits to all who displayed their posters. These sessions were held over the first three days of the conference, permitting researchers to communicate their findings with others working over the whole spectrum of SOLAS science.
SOLAS would like thank all who contributed to making the OSC 2012 a success: the Local Organising Committee; the Scientific Organising Committee; all plenary and discussion session chairs, speakers; and, finally all who attended.

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