SOLAS Post-Doctoral positions on marine Carbon Dioxide Removal

SOLAS is coordinating the funding of two projects that aim to advance understanding and model development of marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR) and contribute to robust Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) protocols and consensus within the international scientific community.

Applicants are welcome to submit their own ideas, but potential project themes could be:
1.    Accounting for air-sea exchange in mCDR
2.   Processes affecting mCDR efficiency, e.g. production or removal of other greenhouse              gases
3.   Biotic and abiotic feedbacks modifying Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE)

Both projects will support an experimental Post-Doc and a modelling Post-Doc, who will work together to develop information and parameterisations for incorporation into models. There is an expectation that the two Post-Docs will interact regularly (bimonthly), with face-to-face meetings every 4-6 months.

As the aim of the award is to promote interaction between experimentalists and modellers, applications should be from a single or collaborating organisations that will support the experimental and modelling post-doc positions. Applications will not be accepted from individuals seeking a Post-Doc position.

In total, the award will support 4 Post-Doc positions for three years within two projects. Funding will be USD282,179 for each Post-Doc position, but please note the stipulation that the organisational overhead rate must not exceed 20% of the award.

Interested parties are requested to provide an application (maximum two pages), detailing:
-    Project Aim
-    The team and institute(s) in which the Post-Docs will be based
-    A half-page outline of the project approach/plan
-    Facilities and capabilities to support the Post-Docs and delivery of the project
-    Plan for the interaction of the two Post-Docs
-    Confirmation that the organisational overhead rate will be equal to or less than 20%.
-    Evidence of the applicant's expertise in the research area (key publications and/or                    projects)

Applications should be emailed to the SOLAS International Project Office ( before 18 August China Standard Time.  The applications will be reviewed by a SOLAS Panel, and the successful awards will be published on the SOLAS website.