7th Summer School 2018

The 7th SOLAS Summer School took place from 23rd July until 4th August 2018 at the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corsica, France. Overall, 64 PhD students and early career scientists attended the School in 2018.


The 7th SOLAS Summer School was held from 23 July until 04 August 2018, in Cargèse, Corsica, France. In total 64 international  students from 24 countries were instructed by 17 experts on SOLAS science for two weeks. The programme consisted of plenary talks and hands-on practical experiences in small groups. Further career development as well as community building activities have been a central aspects of this Summer School. The organising committee under the lead of Christa Marandino made this 7th Summer School a great and memorable experience.  

The below documents of the 7th SOLAS Summer School are available for download:
Summer School 2018 - Flyer
Summer School 2018 - Programme
Summer School 2018 - Handbook
7th SOLAS Event Report Issue 11

Alberto Piola Ilan Koren
Anoop Mahajan Laurent Bopp
Aurélien Paulmier Lisa Miller
Cécile Guieu Maurice Levasseur
Didier Voisin Phil Boyd
Eric Saltzman Tom Bell
Erik van Doorn Véronique Garçon
Guiling Zhang Yoav Lehahn



Adedapo Adebusayo

Ghahremaninezha Roya

Rawatlal Mishka

Aguedjou Habib

Giunta Valentina

Richon Camille

Ahmed Mohamed

Gupta Ashok

Ridge Sean

Baldo Clarissa

Gutierrez Lucia

Roberts Elliott

Berman Hadar

Leyba Ines

Rodriguez Pablo

Bif Mariana

Liu Bo

Rosati Bernadette

Biswas Mriganka

Loades David

Sakata Kohei

Bretagnon Marine

Louchard Domitille

Shen Yanjie

Christiansen Sigurd

Maas Josefine

Sierra Ana

Conte Ludivine

Markuszewski Piotr

Sims Richard

Covert Jason

Mdutyana Mhlangabezi

Smith Alexandra

Cvitesickusan Ana

Mehta Sanchit

Staniec Allison

Du Guanxiang

Moore Kathryn

Strzelec Michal

Duke Patrick

Niemeyer Daniela

Valdes Paola

Duprat Luis

Nylund Amanda

Vhuiyan Razib

Ehlert Dana

Orselli Iole

Wittek Boris

Felix Armando

Patel Anil

Wohl Charel

Friman Sonja

Perezcoronel Elisabet

Wong Shukuan

Gac Jean-Philippe

Perron Morgane

Wu Yingxu

Geffroy Solene

Phillips Daniel

Zhu Yuting

Geisen Carla

Pizarro-Koch Matias


Genovese Cristina

Qin Chuan



Best scientific report winners - voted by lecturers

  • Adebusayo Adedapo
  • Hadar Berman
  • Marine Bretagnon
  • Jason M. Covert
  • Matias Pizarro-Koch
  • Yuting Zhu

Honourable mention scientific report - voted by lecturers

  • Habib Micael Aguedjou
  • Sonja Friman
  • Domitille Louchard
  • Camille Richon
  • Sean Ridge
  • Allison Staniec
  • Boris Wittek

Best oral presentation winner - voted by lecturers

  • Mishka Rawatla

Best oral presentation winner - voted by students

  • Domitille Louchard

Impressions of the 7th SOLA Summer School 2018 which took place in Cargèse, Corsica, France. Visit also the SOLAS Flickr account to see more pictures of SOLAS events and SOLAS-related research.