SOLAS Summer Schools 2022 & 2023

The SOLAS Summer School is a regular, international event with the goal to provide the needed multidisciplinary air-sea interaction background to the next generation of Earth System scientists. In 2022, we offer a new, exciting opportunity - a virtual version of the SOLAS Summer School. The in-person school on Cape Verde will take place in summer 2023. See further information below.


The Summer School under the COVID-19 situation

Due to worldwide travel restrictions, we have postponed the in-person Summer School on Cape Verde to summer 2023. Applications for this School will be reopened in summer/fall 2022. We will launch a virtual version of the School in summer 2022. We encourage you to keep an eye on the website for information about the virtual School and look for updates on Twitter and in the SOLAS newsletter. 

Please Note: Your participation in the virtual School does not discount the possibility for you to attend the in-person School in 2023.

Virtual Summer School 2022

The virtual Summer School 2022 will take place online and is globally available.

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In-Person Summer School 2023

The in-person Summer School 2023 will take place at OSCM on Cape Verde.

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Contact and Organizers

The Summer Schools are organized by an international team of researchers and the IPO.

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The Summer Schools are sponsored by a variety of international organizations and institutions.

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Sustainability and Diversity

Both Summer Schools promote sustainability and diversity.

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SOLAS Code of Conduct

The Summer Schools follow guidelines set in the SOLAS Code of Conduct. 

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