A two-component parameterization of marine ice-nucleating particles

Trueblood et al. 2021


Ice-nucleating particles (INPs) have a large impact on the climate-relevant properties of clouds over the oceans. During the ProcEss studies at the Air-sEa Interface after dust deposition in the MEditerranean sea (PEACETIME) cruise, INP concentrations were measured in the surface microlayer (SML) and in sea spray aerosols (SSA) artificially produced from natural underway seawater from the Mediterranean Sea while surface seawater (SSW) and SML biological properties were measured in parallel. The authors find that INPSSA concentrations can be linked to different organic fractions of SSA in different temperature ranges, but also to different features of the SSW such as particulate organic carbon, nano- and microphytoplankton cell abundances. A new parameterization of INP properties of SSA emitted from oligotrophic seawaters such as the Mediterranean Sea is provided to the community.

Reference: Trueblood, J. V., Nicosia, A., Engel, A., et al. (2021), A two-component parameterization of marine ice-nucleating particles based on seawater biology and sea spray aerosol measurements in the Mediterranean Sea, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 4659-4676.

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