Atmospheric gas-phase composition over the Indian Ocean

Tegtmeier et al. 2022


The Indian Ocean is coupled to atmospheric dynamics, and chemical composition via several unique mechanisms, such as the seasonally varying monsoon circulation. A recent review article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics presents current progress in detecting and understanding atmospheric gas-phase composition over the Indian Ocean and its local and global impacts. The authors discuss how surface emissions and atmospheric transport patterns impact the distribution and long-term changes of pollution, greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, and short-lived gases. Although it is known that changing atmospheric composition and perturbations within the Indian Ocean affect each other, the impacts of atmospheric pollution on oceanic biogeochemistry and trace gas cycling are severely understudied. The article highlights potential mechanisms, future research topics, and observational requirements that need to be explored to fully understand such interactions and feedback in the Indian Ocean region.

Reference: Tegtmeier, S., Marandino, C., Jia, Y. et al. (2022). Atmospheric gas-phase composition over the Indian Ocean. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22, 6625-6676.

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