Issue 1: GESAMP WG38 workshops on Atmospheric Acidity and Ocean Acidification

(c) Fiona Seh Lin Keng

Issue 1 reports on two GESAMP Working Group 38 workshops that were held in parallel on 'Changing Atmospheric Acidity and its Impacts on the Oceanic Solubility of Nutrients' and on 'The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Fluxes of Non-CO2 Climate Active Species', from 27 February - 2 March 2017, in Norwich, United Kingdom.

Two papers were resulted from GESAMP WG38 workshops:

Workshop 1: Hopkins, F. E., Suntharalingam, P., Gehlen, M., et al. (2020), The impacts of ocean acidification on marine trace gases and the implications for atmospheric chemistry and climate. Proc. R. Soc. A, 476, 20190769

Workshop 2: A.R. Baker, M. Kanakidou, A. Nenes, et al. (2021). Changing atmospheric acidity as a modulator of nutrient deposition and ocean biogeochemistry, Science Advances, 7, eabd8800.

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