Issue 29: EBUS/Humboldt Current System Conference 2022

Issue 29 reports on the Open Science Conference on Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS): Past, Present and Future & Second International Conference on the Humboldt Current System, which took place from 19-23 September 2022 in Lima, Peru and online.

The conference had 341 on-site participants and 133 that connected remotely, and included early career scientists (i.e., undergraduate, BSc, MSc, PhD students, and postdocs), stakeholders, and global experts. The participants sought to review and synthesise available information on the dynamics, sensitivity, vulnerability, and resilience of EBUS and their living resources to climate variability and change with the eventual goal of predicting how they will respond in the future. There was a total of 277 talks and 175 posters distributed in 28 sessions under the umbrella of 3 thematic axis: (1) Ocean physics and associated biogeochemical processes in relation to climate variability and climate change, (2) Living resources, fisheries and adaptations to environmental variability, and (3) Socio-ecological vulnerability to climate change and extreme events.

(C) Claudia Garcia de la Barga - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement

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