Issue 34: 3rd CATCH Open Science Workshop

Issue 34 reports on the 3rd CATCH Open Science Workshop, which was held online during 9-13 May 2022.

Close to 200 scientists attended the workshop over 5 days with three 2-hour long sessions. The specific aims of this workshop were to explore five selected cross-disciplinary science themes through online presentations and discussion taking advantage of the wide ranging expertise of participants from the CATCH community: (1) Linking biogeochemistry to aerosol-cloud interactions in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic, (2) Ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere fluxes, (3) Polar halogen chemistry and interlinked processes, (4) Cryospheric links to aerosol-cloud interactions, and (5) Coupling of ocean-ice-atmosphere processes: from Sea-Ice biogeochemistry to aerosols and Clouds.

Screen shot of the 3rd CATCH Open Science Workshop

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