Limited Understanding of Basic Ocean Processes Is Hindering Progress in Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal

Boyd et al., (2024)


The growing interest in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) as a means to support ongoing efforts for emissions reductions has led to a wide range of CDR approaches being put forward. In the marine realm some of the proposed mCDR methods being advocated are being rushed towards development without thorough testing. In addition, some of these overly ambitious mCDR methods have not been carefully thought out, revealing a lack of understanding of the chemistry, or physiology that drives ocean processes such as the carbon cycle. We highlight four approaches in which a combination of poor understanding and/or a 'rush to market' are evident. Ocean afforestation and blue carbon are examples of a combination of both, while calcification and  whale rewilding reveal a lack of fundamental understanding.

Reference: Boyd, P.W., Gattuso, J.-P., Hurd, C.L & Williamson, P. (2024). Limited understanding of basic ocean processes is hindering progress in marine carbon dioxide removal. Environ. Res. Lett., 19, 6.

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