Introduction and overview to the MarParCloud campaign

van Pinxteren et al., 2020


The project MarParCloud (Marine biological production, organic aerosol Particles and marine Clouds: a process chain) aims at improving our understanding of the genesis, modification and impact of marine organic matter, from its biological production, via its export to aerosol particles, towards its ability to act as ice nucleating particles (INP) and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). The core of this project formed a field campaign at the Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory (CVAO) in autumn 2017, where we could show the proof of concept of the connection between organic matter emission from the ocean to the atmosphere and up to the cloud level.

For contributions, please contact Manuela van Pinxteren ( and Hartmut Herrmann (

Reference: van Pinxteren, M., Fomba, K.W., Triesch, N., et al. (2020), Marine organic matter in the remote environment of the Cape Verde islands – an introduction and overview to the MarParCloud campaign, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 6921–6951.

The paper was published in the special issue of the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: 'Marine organic matter: from biological production in the ocean to organic aerosol particles and marine clouds'. Read and download the publication here:

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