An aerosol odyssey: Navigating nutrient flux changes to marine ecosystems

Hamilton et al., (2023)


Just as Odysseus navigated uncharted waters and encountered diverse challenges, in this paper we explore the complex interconnected realms of atmospheric and oceanic sciences via the journey of aerosol nutrients. Through this analogy, we call on the scientific community to embark on a shared voyage, overcoming obstacles, collaborating across disciplines, and charting a course toward a deeper understanding of aerosol impacts on marine ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles. Starting from seminal works in the 1980s to contemporary international initiatives like SOLAS and GEOTRACES we highlight a critical need for multidisciplinary collaboration, emphasizing the importance of the community in adopting diverse tools and partnerships. Rapidly evolving socio-economic landscapes, climate change, and technological advancements require such broad understanding to improve predictions of future ocean health challenges and solutions.

This paper is collected in the SOLAS Special Feature "Boundary Shift: The Air-Sea Interface in a Changing Climate".

Reference: Hamilton, D., Baker, A., Iwamoto, Y., et al. (2023). An aerosol odyssey: Navigating nutrient flux changes to marine ecosystems. Elem. Sci. Anth., 11(1): 00037.