Science, international law, and policy across the air–sea interface

van Doorn et al., (2024)


This perspective article determines the extent to which processes operating across the air–sea interface are considered in international environmental policy. There is a lack of consideration in international regulation of the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean, something that is not compatible with the environmental reality. Yet, there are examples where the air–sea interface could have been incorporated in international legislation. The question is then why there is a gap between science and policy regarding air–sea interactions. The concept of so-called soft law and related instruments, such as the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, might fill these gaps and so does the continuing contribution of SOLAS scientists to international law- and policymaking.

This paper is collected in the SOLAS Special Feature "Boundary Shift: The Air-Sea Interface in a Changing Climate".

Reference: van Doorn, E., Marandino, C.A., Peters, A.J., Keywood, M. (2024). Science, international law, and policy across the air–sea interface. Elem. Sci. Anth., 12(1): 00047.