Funded research projects and time series stations within SOLAS science can request formal endorsement. Currently, SOLAS has endorsed 30 projects and three time series stations. Note that SOLAS can also provide support letters for your research proposal.


General Endorsement Information

You are interested in having your project or time series station endorsed by SOLAS? This requires first checking whether the content of your research fits into one or more SOLAS-relevant research topics. You can learn more about the SOLAS themes, the so-called Core and Cross-Cutting Themes here. Please note that for time series stations, the respective station must integrate atmospheric and oceanic observations. If your project or time series station is SOLAS-related and the basic requirements are met you can apply for an endorsement by SOLAS.

In case of a successful application, the national or regional SOLAS representative in the respective country (if existing) should be informed. A list of all SOLAS representatives can be found here. Highlights from endorsed projects or time series stations will be shared via the SOLAS platforms. To facilitate this outreach, please inform the International Project Office about your activities in time.

The specific application form as well as further information on projects and stations endorsed by SOLAS can be found on the dedicated web pages below.


Endorsed Projects and further information on the application.


Time Series Stations

Endorsed Time Series Stations and further information on the application.



Support Letter

If your research proposal falls within the science areas defined in the SOLAS 2015-2025 Science Plan and Organisation, you can ask for a letter of support from SOLAS to add to your proposal.
To do so, send the SOLAS International Project Office no later than 10 days before the date required, a summary of the proposed research activities, explaining which SOLAS activities it addresses. Also mention any specific points which you wish to have included in the support letter. Once your project gets funded, think about requesting SOLAS endorsement for it.